types of commercial lending

Types of commercial lending

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If you agree to let an employer look at your credit report, it may also be used to make employment decisions about you. Searches are limited to 75 characters. Skip to main content. Types of commercial lending kind of information appears on a credit report. Credit reports often contain the following information: Personal information Your name and any name you may have used in the past in connection with a credit account, including nicknames Current more info former addresses Birth date Social Security number Phone ytpes Credit accounts Current and historical credit accounts, including the type of account mortgage, installment, revolving, etc.

The credit limit or amount Account balance Types of commercial lending payment history The date the account was opened and commerciial The name of the creditor Collection items Missed payments Loans sent to collections Information on overdue child support provided by a state or local child support agency or verified by any local, state, or federal government agency Public records Liens Foreclosures Bankruptcies Civil suits and judgments Inquiries Companies that have accessed your credit report.

This is a negative issue which will impact your credit score negatively. There could be people who have never taken loans or credit cards due to which they will not have a credit types of commercial lending and hence no credit score.

Also, there are people who might have lower credit score as they could not manage their types of commercial lending properly. For such people it will be difficult to get a loan and even if they do, cpmmercial terms for the loan or credit card will not be good.

These people need ocmmercial improve their credit score which can be done by using any one of the following steps.