interest paid on home loan tax deductible

Interest paid on home loan tax deductible

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Some closed credit accounts might be erroneously shown as open. Further, there can be grave errors like that of identity theft, where your PAN and details might have dedkctible used for obtaining credit cards or loans fraudulently.

To correct errors on your credit report, you would need to fill up the Dispute Resolution Form and attach clear copies of any documentary evidence you may have to prove that there interest paid on home loan tax deductible an error on your credit report. The credit bureau will not make changes in your credit report, instead, they will direct your dispute with the evidence to deductibble bank from where the error data had originated.

Once the response is received from the bank's end, appropriate changes will be made interest paid on home loan tax deductible your report.

The entire process click here take days. An individual can get a credit report once a year from any of the credit bureaus free of cost. This is as per the mandate of RBI.

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