what is prevailing interest rate

What is prevailing interest rate

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Product Overview Graduation Score from Equifax is a credit score that has been developed for lending to individuals that have what is prevailing interest rate taken group loans in the past. It combines the bureau data from group loans and individual loans to provide a comprehensive credit score for the individual. Graduation score comes with the Combined Credit Information Report, which provides a complete view of all the tradelines of the customer across group loans and individual loans, including retail loans.

The higher sanctioned amounts of individual loans than the group loans previously serviced by group loan borrowers what is prevailing interest rate the individual loans inherently riskier than the group loans to the same individuals. Also, while group loans have the advantage of the group lending model where individuals can contribute to pay the EMIs of a group member having temporary financial difficulties, the individual loans have to be paid entirely prevaiping the individuals themselves and therefore have higher probabilities of default than group loans.

There are also compliance prevwiling that exist for group loans that enable lower default rates. All the above all credit reports and the previously what is prevailing interest rate individual loan repayment capacity of group loan borrowers make it necessary currently for institutions to manually assess individual loan applications.

The manual assessment includes evaluation of bureau data of group loans, individual microfinance loans and retail loans which requires a high amount of cost and time.

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