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Nor do they show your income, investments, or other crediy. Make sure to review your credit report before you need it.

Make sure to check for errors before you learn more here you will need to apply for credit, so you can have them fixed if there are any. Not doing this could delay your credit decision, cause your lender to think twice about lending you credit, and ultimately delay a time-sensitive purchase. Credit reports typically divide information into four sections.

These are: Personal Information : The top of the report contains personal information to identify you, including credot name and any variations of your name that you useaddress, date of birth, spouse or co-applicant, and phone numbers. Accounts : The second section represents the bulk of most reports and includes detailed information on your past and present credit accounts, both revolving creditsuch as credit cards and lines of credit, what my credit score installment payday loans fresnosuch as auto loans, personal loansand mortgages.

It will indicate when you opened the account as well as its current what my credit score, such as whether it is scroe or closed. In addition, ahat most importantly, it will show whether whwt have kept up with your payments on that account or fallen behind. Public Records : The what my credit score section includes public records regarding any bankruptcies, legal judgmentsor tax liens.

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